The exercise here demonstrates switching between animations in conjunction with mouse input.

The previous article discussed about the point and click mechanism and this article builds on it. So, please check it out before going further.

The objective at hand is to switch the animation to walk upon reception of…

The exercise here demonstrates making a point and click movement system for the player.

The basic idea is pretty simple because maneuvering a space in a game shall be as logical as real space. There are objects on which one can not walk and there are areas which are meant…

The exercise here demonstrates bringing an audio file and visuals together to build a cutscene in Unity using Timeline.

It is assumed that the audio file is already set and adjustments are being made with respect to that file here.

In the scene here, the audio file is basically narrating…

The exercise here demonstrates a short and sweet way to attach animation with a game object using Timeline in Unity.

  • Select the game object that should animate and attach an animator component to it.
  • Go to the timeline and add an animation track.
  • Drag the game object on this track. (If you would directly drag the object without creating the component, Unity would prompt a message to do so.)
  • Click on the option menu on this track and select “Add from animation clip”.

This exercise demonstrates a very simple use case of dolly track from Cinemachine in Unity.

In order to create impactful cutscenes, there must be adequate usage of camera techniques and a standard parallel movement through a dolly track can not be missed.

Cinemachine provides an inbuilt dolly track to create…

This article takes forward the introduction on Timeline here.

A cutscene is a video clip that carries forward the story of a game.

Here is a a video that has combined all cutscenes from Batman Arkham City.

Now, coming back to the point.

There are two ways to make…

This article explores one of the most powerful tools in Unity called as Timeline.

To begin with, one must understand the need of timeline when the option of animation is already available.

  • An animation is basically a clip that represents a state of a game object such as running, idle…

This exercise demonstrates a technic that is used for creating nearly realistic reflections in Unity known as reflection probes.

The technique of probes is a cheap trick that is perfectly suited for mobile games or low config targets as they address the purpose without exhausting resources.

Let us explore the implementation.

  • The configuration is pretty simple. There is a plane with a material whose shininess is set to full throttle.

The exercise here demonstrates how to create a glass material for a geometry that requires transparency in Unity.

  1. Create a material in your assets with the shader configuration of transparent.

The exercise here demonstrates the effect that could be deployed by using light probes.

Light does two things. It originates and it travels. While it travels, it hits many surfaces all the way before completely vanishing with distance. That is how it really works !

When we are recreating a…

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