Animate game objects using Timeline in Unity

The exercise here demonstrates a short and sweet way to attach animation with a game object using Timeline in Unity.

  • Select the game object that should animate and attach an animator component to it.
  • Go to the timeline and add an animation track.
  • Drag the game object on this track. (If you would directly drag the object without creating the component, Unity would prompt a message to do so.)
  • Click on the option menu on this track and select “Add from animation clip”.
  • Now, choose the clip that you would like to attach to this object.
  • Note that, the object component would remain empty even though timeline attaches an animation clip.

You should get your animation going by now :)

Thank you very much




Work in Progress.

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Samarth Dhroov

Samarth Dhroov

Work in Progress.

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