Build/Test your game in Unity

Unity allows us to release a product for almost all platforms.

Once you have a solid functioning game in hand, you shall release it for others to play.

  • To do that, head to the build settings where all platforms are listed, for which the project could be built.
  • If you are using a mac, you shall see a mac option where the windows platform is selected by default. (Choose as per choice.)
  • Also, head to the player settings to see a lot more configuration settings.
  • In here, you can change the credit names such as company, product title, version and also add icon images as per choice.
  • The resolution dropdown gives choices of game window sizes. Remember, if you select the full screen, you must have the exit mechanism using some key in place, or else, you won’t be able to get out without losing the progress in your levels :)

There are n number of other options available here that you can explore.

  • After making your final choices, click on the build button to start the process of creating the mighty “.exe” file :)
  • Play the .exe file and your game shall play successfully :)

Thank you very much

Work in Progress.