Pros of prototypes while making a game

There is a term called MVP that stands for “minimum viable product”. When a game is being made, the MVP for it must get decided before the first-ever line is drawn or a click is made.

For example, a gamer should have the ability to fire one shot, triple shot and a bazooka shot in the first level. This is one of the MVPs. There could be a number of MVPs in the entire project and they behave as the root from where the game expands.

Once an MVP gets in place, programmers shall initiate development. At this very doorstep, it is critically important to keep the focus on MVP and nothing else because the moment other aspects of the game start invading the first phase of development, it is highly possible that the MVP would get derailed.

If the MVP gets derailed, the core of the game remains unstable and flickery as far as gameplay is concerned. You could have fantastic visuals and sound designed by artists but if the gameplay sucks, users will not hesitate to switch to something else.


  • Start working with prototypes rather than actual assets. This allows the MVPs to get rooted fabulously before the audio-visual shape starts coming into the project.
  • Second, prototypes have all the components that are going to be required by the assets. Hence, when the time comes, it shall not take a huge chunk of time to replace them or even create new assets and maintain the MVPs that were attached to prototypes.
  • Third, it's cheap to reach the design phase. When designers come in, they need remuneration to make the project stunning. When assets come in, they consume power because it takes more processing. So, prototypes help to manage resources while the work is in progress before the MVPs are achieved.

In Unity, prototypes come in different shapes and sizes.

For 3D game objects, options are as followed.


For 2D game objects, options are as followed.


The bottom line is that when an MVP(s) start working successfully, a solid game is already in hands. From here, the expansion is limitless and there is n number of ways to do so.

Therefore, let the focus be on MVPs and utilize prototypes until a green signal comes in to go ahead with the design phase.

Thank you very much

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