Pseudocode is your code compass

You already know how the navigation app talks to us when we want to reach a place. It directs us step-by-step until we end our journey to a final spot.

Similarly, a pseudo-code is a navigator that deals with high-level steps. So just before you start breaking down each step by converting it into a programming construct, you get a statement from your pseudo-code, “Do x thing.”

The x thing could be something like, “Get an input from the user about his/her email address by calling the getEmail() method.”

Please keep in mind that it's a blend of specific details and a high-level task.

Now, it's on you to go ahead and break this into a set of precise instructions that would accommodate the user input. But you get the point, it is a step that’d lead you to the final output that you are looking for.

Below is an example of the playerMovement task in a pseudo-code format.

  • When a programmer looks at the code above, he/she would know specifics of a task at hand and pre-assigned tools if any to accomplish it. You see how this helps save time, effort, and extra coffee :)

I encourage reading the article here that gets into the tiny details also.

Thank you very much



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